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  • KATIE T.
    Outstanding!! If you need your house cleaned and/or organized they are excellent! I have used them for the past year and they do a great job every time. Honest, dependable, hard working and very nice to deal with as well.
    KATIE T.
  • annonymous
    They exceeded my expectations the first time I used their cleaning and moving services. They are truly hard working professionals and don’t waste time. Whenever they are here they leave my house spotless. They are always on time and I am very comfortable having them in my home. I like the fact that they don’t have significant staff turn over so you can get to know the team and rely on their consistency.

    I also used their organizing services when I moved (twice within 12 months). I had a very busy work schedule, twin toddlers and couldn’t see an end to unpacking the moving boxes. They had those boxes unpacked, sorted, and put away in obvious places so that I wasn’t searching for what I needed. I was able to settle in my new home and enjoy it! They can handle the smallest and biggest projects. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!

  • Awesome Service
    I’ve been using Pixie Dusters to clean my home for a couple years now. Not only are they dependable and trustworthy, but what makes them different is that they are very methodical. They pay very close attention to the details and see things that are out of place that other cleaners miss and take action. The fact that they have experience in childcare is a plus because they continuously find things that my children have hidden from me. They truly are magical!
    L. Seely

Pixie Dusters

is an Atlanta based family owned and operated cleaning company. All of our employees either have or work closely with children and as a result understand the unique concerns parents have regarding the cleanliness of their home and where those tiny fingerprints and lost toys are hidden. Understanding that security is also a concern of parents, all our employees undergo background screening.

Whether it is a home with big children (husband) or little, Pixie Dusters is the best choice for your cleaning woes. Call for a free estimate.

When Cleaning Is A Must!!!


We pride ourselves with providing top notch cleaning and organizational services for all of our clients. We know — cleaning your home can become overwhelming quickly. Our cleaning services in Alpharetta, Milton and other nearby areas help you enjoy your environment without worrying about the state of the house. We do the tasks that are sometimes put off, like scrubbing the bathrooms and getting hard water stains off the windows. The stress of not having a place for everything can make you uncomfortable in a place that should be calming. That’s why we specialize in organizing your home. We help you use your space wisely so you can find what you need when you need it. Come home to a clean, tidy, and functional space.

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“To thoroughly and efficiently clean homes, paying particular attention to the health and peace of mind of the entire family.”

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