DSC_3923We offer cleaning services for your home weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. We also offer cleaning services before and after special occasions as well as move in and move out services. Organization projects can include offices, closets, cabinets, garages, basements, play rooms, bedrooms and any other room that is cluttered.We are a processed based cleaning company. All of our employees follow a written manual that contains detailed instructions on how to clean each room of the home. In addition to following those instructions, we take into consideration any special instructions clients have for cleaning their home and document that as well. Our added knowledge of the wonderful world of childcare makes us uniquely focused on disinfecting the smallest areas as well as picking up after your much older and taller loved ones. Our Services are offered in Roswell, Alpharetta and the surrounding areas. 


Pixie Package Options:  

Emerald Sparkle Package- Once a month deep cleaning. Detailed cleaning of every room. This includes, but is not limited to, washing of baseboards and removal of cobwebs and built up dust from ceiling to floor. Kitchen is restored to its like-new status, which includes cleaning of oven hoods. Any mold and mildew is cleaned from affected areas in the bathrooms.

Sapphire Sparkle Package- Twice a month cleaning. Detailed cleaning of every room. Thorough dusting of baseboards, ceilings and all surfaces. Disinfecting of bathrooms. Ensuring your kitchen is squeaky clean again.

Diamond Sparkle Package- Once a week cleaning. Detailed cleaning of every room. Thorough dusting of baseboards, ceilings and all surfaces. Kitchens and bathrooms are disinfected and dirt removed. All preventative measures are taken to avoid build up of grime and unwanted particles in the home

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*Packages can be customized for any home.