Pixie Dusters is a local based family company.  All of our employees either have or work closely with children and as a result understand the unique concerns parents have regarding the cleanliness of their home and where those tiny fingerprints and lost toys are hidden. Understanding that security is also a concern of parents, all our employees undergo background screening.

Whether it is a home with big children (husband) or little, Pixie Dusters is the best choice for your cleaning woes.



To thoroughly and efficiently clean homes, paying particular attention to the health and peace of mind of the entire family.


DSC_0018 (848x1280)Xenia is the eldest owner of the Pixie Dusters family. Her favorite hobby is running and she is very passionate about cooking. Those close to her would say she’s a budding “foodie”. She majored in Chemistry at the University of South Florida.
DSC_0009 (848x1280)Jarena Is the middle owner of the Pixie Dusters family. Her favorite hobbies include dancing and playing music. She is passionate about tasting new cuisines and loves that her sisters enjoy cooking! She majored in Political Science and Philosophy at California Baptist University.
DSC_0014 (848x1280)Xanthia is the youngest owner of the Pixie Dusters family. Her favorite hobbies include, working out, baking and spending time with their very sweet family dog, Twinqee. She majored in Dance at Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi.
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